Affiliate Program Information

If you have a website, you can jump into the world of electronic commerce today by joining the BMP Affiliate Program. Even if you don't have your own site, by telling your friends, you can start earning referral fees

Why is the BMP affiliate program the BEST program?


Commission earnings are in YOUR hands. You decide how much you would like to earn!

Default commissions are 20% for a first order, and 20% for each and every re-order (per customer). You can now split your commission earning anyway you like - as long as the sum of your first time commissions and commission re-order still equals 40%. Eg:

  • 20% commission, and 20% commission on re-orders, or
  • 35% commission, and 5% commission on re-orders, or
  • Anything you like in between.

Don't forget - customers are yours for life. So even if they come to us direct for a re-order, you still get commissions. See below for more information. Dont miss out. Signup Now!

Terms: First order commission must be equal to or greater than re-order commissions. First order commission cannot be greater than 35%. Once you have changed from the default commission rate, you can only increase first time order commission - you cannot decrease it (you can however setup a new affiliate account with different commission rates). To apply for a change in your commission rate, please contact us.


BMP will pay your commission payment direct into your nominated bank account. Its the fastest, safest way to receive your payment. Payments are made twice a month, on the 10th and 25th (or the nearest working day thereafter).


Unlike most other affiliate programs, your customers at BMP are yours FOR LIFE.

Once a customer is referred and creates an account, they are assigned to you, via a persistant database relationship - NOT a temporary cookie. Infact, we're so transparent, that you can count and see your customers right in your affiliate account.


Check your sales and statistics in real time. Powerful reports, tools, and traffic analysis allows you to interrogate your performance down to the finest level of detail. Great for measuring the success of your individual advertising campaigns and maximising your return on investment.


Add a parameter to your referral links to track the source of your referrals. This is a great tool for those who want to evaluate the effectiveness of different channels of advertising. Advertise via various channels and track which is the most cost effective.


BMP stocks unique, hard-to-find, high-demand products that are highly sought after.

These hard-to-find products are not offered by many (if any) other pharmacies. Competition on search engines for these products is low, so its easy to capture a slice of the market. Low prices and highly sought after products lead to BIG COMMISSIONS!

If you're not sending your qualified traffic to BMP, then Signup Now!


This benefit has customers thrilled to be rewarded for their loyalty. Most our customers are happy repeat shoppers, with affiliates cashing in on repeat order commissions, long after the first customer referral.

When a repeat customer logs into the BMP site, the BMP prices are automatically discounted, showing the customer their repeat purchase savings. This is a great incentive to purchase and results in fantastic conversions. Not only is the repeat customer getting the lowest price (guaranteed), but they are getting 10% lower than the lowest price when they re-order. Great news for affiliates!


We provide the finest quality, free media for use on your sites or for advertising. Grab free banners, text links and even real-time pricing information for use on your sites.


Theres absolutely no cost for you to join the affiliate program! Simply sign-up and start directing traffic to our pharmacy.