How much sun exposure is enough to ruin your skin?

Sun exposure is essential for our health as it helps to produce vitamin D in our skin. However, too much of it can cause severe damage to the skin and lead to different types of skin cancer. The sun's UV radiation can damage the skin even in short periods of time and it is recommended to limit exposure to direct sunlight, particularly during the times when the sun is at its strongest. It is important to wear sunscreen and protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and long sleeves in order to protect the skin from sun damage. Additionally, it is important to check the skin regularly for any signs of sunburn or damage.

Written by

John Stromberg, Mar, 9 2023

Why do people pick at their acne?

People pick at their acne because they want to get rid of it quickly and feel better about their appearance. The desire to have clear skin can be a strong motivating factor for people to pick at their acne. Additionally, people may feel a sense of satisfaction when they are able to get rid of a pimple or blemish. Picking at acne can, however, lead to further skin damage and even scarring.

Written by

John Alsop, Feb, 6 2023